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Sunday, 13 September 2015

Batlogger and Batscanner microphone protection

I have recently been asked to test and review a new product supplied by NatureCounters in the UK. The product is a protective desiccant cap for Elekon Batlogger, Batlogger M and Batscanner microphones.

The product simply fits over the Batlogger or Batscanner microphone whilst not in use. I prefer to leave my microphones attached to the unit when in transit and so I use the caps as a protective measure for the microphone as well as taking advantage of the desiccant feature of the cap.

Inside the rubber-like casing are desiccant silica gel beads which absorb any moisture the microphone may have picked up, these change colour to green/blue when they have absorbed water. This notifies you that the beads need drying out and this can be done by baking them in the oven. This is particularly useful if you use the BL microphones but should also assist with maintaining the life of the FG black microphones along with the Batscanner mic's.

I have been using these on Batlogger BL microphones for several weeks now. After a particularly damp evening with heavy rainfall I placed the cap over the microphone and checked the beads the next day.  On opening the cap, the beads had changed colour. I placed the beads in a baking dish and put them under my grill for 30-45 minutes on a  very low heat (80C), they changed back to their standard amber colouring and so I left them to cool before placing them back into the caps. Please note that the caps are tight fitting and so care is needed when opening the caps, otherwise you will end up with beads flying everywhere! ;) My microphone was in good working order and seems to have experienced no ill effects from its damp evening out, the microphone has continued working well since and is stored with a  protective cap as a precaution.

NatureCounters are planning to supply these caps with purchases of Batloggers and Batscanners and so this is a nice additional product which I'm sure others will appreciate and benefit from as well.
Review by Sally-Ann Hurry